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John Underwood

John Underwood started his professional sales career with Motorola, Inc. 25 years ago selling 2 way communication systems. He received some of the finest sales training both at a corporate level as well as one-on-one training and as a result, quickly rose to join the ranks of the 5 Top Sales Producers in the United States.

After Motorola, Inc. Mr. Underwood joined Centel Cellular, Inc. as a sales representative in the Cellular Telephone industry. There, again, he quickly rose to the top of the performance ladder. In 1989, he decided to venture out into the world of professional sales and sales management training by introducing The S.O.S. (Science of Success) Seminar Series. As his business expanded over the years, he incorporated all of his corporate sales training and consulting practice under SellingEdge, Inc., a company he has been running for over 14 years.

As a consultant, trainer and keynote speaker, Mr. Underwood has helped thousands of sales professionals increase both their understanding of the psychology of selling as well as their personal sales performance. Mr. Underwood has increased the sales productivity of his corporate clients, some by as much as 60%+ per year for 3 consecutive years.

John is a Certified ChangeWorks Practitioner.