"Influential Communication Skills for Technical Experts"

  • What do you want your leaders to create?

    Higher employee morale and engagement?

  • What do you want your leaders to create?

    More revenue and bottom-line profits?

  • What do you want your leaders to create?

    Reduced turnover?

  • What do you want your leaders to create?

    Better decisionmaking?

  • What do you want your leaders to create?

    Increased execution and productivity?

  • What do you want your leaders to create?

    A higher level of commitment and accountability?

  • The success of your organization is directly affected by the quality of your leaders.

Are You A Technical Expert Who Desires To Be A More Influential Leader or Business Developer?

We specialize in working primarily technically-oriented corporations and consulting firms in industries such as, insurance, financial services, IT, pharmaceutical, biotech, CRO, accounting, actuarial, architectural, etc. who want to grow their revenues and profits by significantly increasing the abilities of their leaders, managers and sales reps.

The Problem

The leaders in technical organizations are typically experts in their field – but have only a fraction of the training in areas of leadership, management, influence and interpersonal communication.  A great technician or subject matter expert does not equate to a great leader.  Yet most organizations thrust their best experts into leadership positions without the necessary skills to succeed. 

Similarly, consulting firms rely on their senior technical experts to market and sell products and services.  But as strong as these professionals are technically, they typically have not been trained to navigate an effective selling process.  Technical experts, as a rule, make terrible business devlopers - but it doesn't have to be this way.

The Solution

Our consulting, coaching and training programs are geared specifically to help the technical expert become an influential leader and/or an influential business developer. Our methods focus directly on building new skillsets through experiential learning and reinforcement. Only when behaviors change will results change. Find out more about our core training and coaching programs.

The Benefits

Organizations willing to invest in their leaders and consultants in this manner are realizing the following benefits:

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Leadership Growth Strategies has been turning technical experts into influential leaders and business devlopers since 2002.  All of our coaches, consultants and trainers come from technical backgrounds and have held leadership and consulting positions in these corporate environments.  Please browse our website for detailed information about when to call us, what we do, who we are and what makes us different

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