Leadership Growth Strategies

Executive Leadership Training Programs

Our leadership programs are typically comprised of one or more group training sessions.   All of our training sessions are highly interactive and utilize experiential learning.  It is recommended that these sessions be followed up with a period of one-on-one coaching.  Each training session provides an “immersion experience” and keeps the leadership team on the same page.  The coaching is essential to reinforce the learning and customize the support for each executive. 

Mastering Interpersonal Effectiveness

At the heart of influential leadership is the ability to build effective, trusting relationships with others. This module provides insight, tools, and strategies for increasing your interpersonal effectiveness by first expanding your personal awareness and your understanding of others.


The Influential Leader

Every leader struggles to find the best way to communicate effectively with employees and motivate them to perform with excellence.  This session is designed to build awareness of your own leadership style and the behavioral styles of those you manage and give you a repertoire of tools and strategies to better motivate, influence and lead your organization.


Building Winning Leadership Teams

This workshop has one overall goal: to help your leadership team make substantial progress towards becoming a more cohesive, high-performing team.

Does your leadership team exhibit any of the following behaviors:

During this fast paced two day session, a leadership team can expect to:

The Extraordinary Internal Consultant

This training focuses on developing skills for executives to more effectively meet the needs of their internal clients.  Executives will learn the same cutting-edge techniques professional consultants use to propose solutions and solve problems for their clients.


The Change Agent: Discover How To Master Influence and Change

This program introduces participants to the ChangeGrid® — our proprietary diagnostic instrument which reveals how well an individual or group is coping with the specific changes taking place in their personal and professional lives.

The program provides thorough instruction in the completion and interpretation of the ChangeGrid and explores over a dozen ways that executives, managers and individuals can use the ChangeGrid to focus their attention and fine-tune their approach for implementing change. Equipped with the insights the ChangeGrid provides, the participants are then able to influence and support the change process more effectively.

This is a truly unique training experience which goes far beyond the scope of typical change management programs. Rather than focusing on traditional goal setting and strategic planning activities at the executive level, The Change Agent turns its attention to the individuals who must make those changes happen — the managers charged with the responsibility of implementation. While other programs offer managers many insights into their employees' attitudes toward change, The Change Agent concentrates on enhancing a manager's ability to guide their employees during times of transition — to reduce their resistance and boost their productivity.

Coaching For Performance

Every leader struggles to find the best way to communicate effectively with their people and motivate them to perform with excellence.

During this program session you will:

Precision Decisionmaking

This comprehensive training program integrates the key concepts of the MasterStream Method into a modern approach for making the right choice at the right time, including insights, tools and techniques to help you:

Formats Available:

All programs are customized to address the unique needs of each audience. Programs are conducted through the dialectic technique — a method which maximizes audience participation, boosts comprehension and increases retention — and include a variety of exercises and small group discussions.

Programs can be presented in the following formats based on your desired level of learning:

Keynote - Initial Exposure
Half-Day - Awareness
Full-Day - Knowledge
Two-Day - Understanding
Three-Day - Application
Four-Day - Skill
Five-Day - Proficiency
Executive Coaching - Mastery

Other formats available include:

4 - 12 Week Courses - Spaced Learning
Executive Essentials - Intense Overview
Personal Training - Individual Pace
In-House Facilitator Certification - Self-Sufficiency

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