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Our marketing and sales programs are typically comprised of one or more group training sessions. All of our training sessions are highly interactive and utilize experiential learning. It is recommended that these sessions be followed up with a period of one-on-one coaching. Each training session provides an “immersion experience” and keeps your sales team on the same page. The coaching is essential to reinforce the learning and customize the support for each participant.



Influential Consultative Selling

This program applies all the techniques of tension management to complex sales situations - ones that involve multiple conversations with multiple decision makers.

In this training program, you'll

  • Understand the key role that productive tension plays in every sales situation.
  • Develop effective communication skills to more effectively engage and serve clients (e.g., listening, articulating, asking effective questions, redirection, handling client objections, etc.).
  • Master the 4 steps of an effective selling process.
  • Learn how to apply the Influential Conversation ModelTM to thoroughly understand clients’ needs before solving problems.
  • Strategize how to get to the decision maker.
  • Know how to price your services to maximize profitability.
  • Create a “selling scorecard" to evaluate your opportunities and progress.
  • Learn how to write winning proposals.
  • Develop strategies and skills for focusing on higher probability situations, improving close ratios, and obtaining profitable engagements.





Communication Savvyness in Sales

At the heart of sales success is the ability to build effective, trusting relationships with others. This program provides insight, tools, and strategies for increasing your interpersonal effectiveness by first expanding your personal awareness and your understanding of others.


  • Developing self-awareness regarding your own behavioral style.
  • Mastering how to recognize the styles of other people by reading behavioral cues.
  • Enhancing effectiveness by incorporating the ability to adapt your own communication style to the preferences of your clients and prospects.




Formats Available:

All programs are customized to address the unique needs of each audience. Programs are conducted through the dialectic technique — a method which maximizes audience participation, boosts comprehension and increases retention — and include a variety of exercises and small group discussions.

Programs can be presented in the following formats based on your desired level of learning:

Keynote - Initial Exposure
Half-Day - Awareness
Full-Day - Knowledge
Two-Day - Understanding
Three-Day - Application
Four-Day - Skill
Five-Day - Proficiency
Executive Coaching - Mastery

Other formats available include:

4 - 12 Week Courses - Spaced Learning
Executive Essentials - Intense Overview
Personal Training - Individual Pace
In-House Facilitator Certification - Self-Sufficiency


To get more information on any of our services, discuss your specific coaching or training needs, please feel free to call us at 215-968-2483 or click here.